HELP WITH Organalles

Anne Spang spang at
Tue Sep 6 14:10:36 EST 1994

Hi Phil!
You could also use a native PAGE. The negative charge is supplied by
coomassie blue in the cathode buffer. There is an article from Schaegger
and von Jagow about native blue gel electrophoresis, but unfortunatly I
cannot find the article now....

good luck


 GIn article <p_whitehead-060994122108 at>,
p_whitehead at (Phil Whitehead) wrote:

> I'm trying to purify some subcellular organales with an apparent molecular
> weight of 600 kD. I'd like to be able to follow the purification bylooking
> at the intact protein on a gel.
> Obviously SDSPAGE is out, but occasionaly on the net people have aluded to
> agarose gels can anyone in the know either post their ideas or E-Mail me a
> ny proceedures you may have. 
> I'm not desperate (yet) but it would be nice to have a few methods up my
> sleve
> thanks in advance
> Phil Whitehead

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