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>> I am planing to do an experiment where I will end up with a large volume.  I 
>> want to run this on a SDS gel and my lanes will not hold the volume the
>> experiment will generate. I don't care if the proteins get killed.  Does
>> anyone have a good meathod they might suggest?
>Dear Thomas,
>   What's a large volume, and how large are you're wells?
>Some standard thoughts:
>   1.  Concentrate the protein by using small-pore-sized spin filters
>(millipore, amicon, etc..)
>   2.  Precipitate the protein with acetone, or ammonium sulfate or the like.
>   3.  If all else fails, dialyze the salt away and lyophilize the stuff.
>Hope this helps.
>Marc A. Goldstein
>Section of Plant Biology
>UC Davis
>magoldstein at ucdavis.edu

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