Recommendations for light level protein detection?

Dr. Dennis Goode GOODE at ZOOL.UMD.EDU
Mon Sep 12 12:38:03 EST 1994

Often the problem of lack of antibody staining of whole cells or 
fixed sections is one of antibody penetration, especially with 
aldehyde fixation. I'd try fixation with cold methanol at -20 C 
instead of aldehydes, or using a detergent such as 0.2% Triton x-100
after fixation in a low concentration (2% paraformaldehyde or 0.6% 
glutaraldehyde) of the aldehyde fixative. See Harlow and Lane: 
Antibodies A Laboratory Manual (CSH lab press).
Hope this helps.

Dennis Goode 
Goode at 

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