Protein degradation

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>I'm a grad student working on my qualifying exam.  Right now
>I'm in the first phase, writing one-page research proposal abstracts.
>One of them is going to involve protein degradation.  I 
>would be grateful if someone who is an expert or has some
>experience in the field would be willing to review my
>abstract.  It involves cellular degradation pathway(s) of abnormal/mutant
>proteins.  There are too many papers to read on the
>topic overall and I want to make sure what I'm proposing isn't
>foolhardy and hasn't been disproven/done already.  I can't seek
>help from faculty here at Baylor but outside is OK.
>Thank you,
>Tim Hughes
>th035681 at

I don't really have a problem with your seeking help, but I'd like to point
out that part of what you are supposed to learn in doing a research proposal is
how to search the literature and find non-foolhardy proposals that haven't al-
ready been done.  Computerized lit. searches have made this task much easier
than it once was.

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