2-D protein gels?

Francis Ouellette francis at borduas.nlm.nih.gov
Mon Sep 19 13:41:02 EST 1994

Jim Owens (jow at helix.nih.gov) wrote:

> I am thinking of using 2-D electrophoresis to examine differences between
> two strains of mice under two sets of conditions.  My experience with
> protein gels ended about 15 years ago.  Could some kind soul suggest some
> references (books or articles) that could give me guidance in how to
> proceed?


one place to look at is the Swiss-Prot web page, they have a
technical information on 2-D page with reciepes and all.

The URL for that page is:


(look at "SWISS-2DPAGE", and "Tecnical information" in the
Protocol section)



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