2-D protein gels?

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> I am thinking of using 2-D electrophoresis to examine differences between
> two strains of mice under two sets of conditions.  My experience with
> protein gels ended about 15 years ago.  Could some kind soul suggest some
> references (books or articles) that could give me guidance in how to
> proceed?
> Thanks,
> Jim Owens

Jim Owens,

I would suggest a recent book:
M.J.Dunn: Gel Electrophoresis: Proteins; BIOS Scientific Publ. Lim.,
Oxford, 1993 (ISBN 1 872748 21 x).
and a recent article:
J.E. Celis et al.: The human keratinocyte two-dimensional gel protein
database: Update 1993; Electrophoresis 1993, 14, 1091-1198.

You will find more useful references within these works.
Hope this helps !

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