Amino Acid Analysis

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Tue Sep 20 10:27:46 EST 1994

Lisa Bibbs (lisa at wrote:
: I run a core facility that among other things offers protein sequencing and
: peptide synthesis, but not AAA.  AAA has been available at another
: facility, so we haven't offered it.  It seems as though the demand for that
: service has gone down drastically since inexpensive MS analysis has become
: available.  My questions to all of you are the following:

: 1.  As a user of a core, do you feel AAA is necessary for your research?
: (if so explain)
the best use we make of it is for protein determination 
: 2.  How many samples do you turn in per year for AAA?
50 to 100 samples a year
: 3.  What is a reasonable charge?
the chemicals per sample are negligable, so we don't charge anything.
Companies here however charge approx. 200 $.
: Thank you
: Lisa 

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