capillary electrophor. - sensitivity w/fluorescence??

Neil Clarke Neil.Clarke at
Wed Sep 21 17:18:11 EST 1994

Hi, I'm posting this for my wife. Any comments/experience on capillary
electrophoresis and/or sub-nM detection of fluorescently labelled proteins
gratefully received!  

I am trying to develop a non - antibody-dependent assay for a very basic
protein (pI >10), MW 12000 which will be reasonably quantitative and
sensitive down to the 1nM range.  The samples are in plasma.  From reading
some papers on
capillary zone electrophoresis, I have the impression that I might be able
get this sensitivity with CZE if I use isotachophoretic preconcentration
coupled with a fluorescent tag derivatization technique.  My instrument can
detect fluorescence but it's not laser-induced.  Any thoughts on the
feasibility of reaching this level of detection with CZE?  Any other advice
or tips would be most welcome.


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