2D gel databases? Celis,JE of Denmark?

Brian Foley brianf at med.uvm.edu
Wed Sep 21 14:57:19 EST 1994

Dear Protein Researchers:

	I have recently become aware of a 2D gel electrophoresis database
that seems to be run by Julio E. Celis of Aarhas University, Denmark.
He publishes a lot of papers in "Electrophoresis" about this database,
bu my library does not get that journal, so all I can do is read the
abstracts through MedLine.

	I am aware of the ExPASy 2D gel database in Geneva:

	But this database does not contain cross-references to the 
Celis database (as far as I can tell).  

	Can anyone provide an e-mail address for JE Celis?  Or tell
me where his 2D gel database is located and how to access it?

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