Amino Acid Analysis

Peter J. Neame pneame at
Thu Sep 22 09:51:06 EST 1994

Lisa Bibbs (lisa at wrote:

: 1.  As a user of a core, do you feel AAA is necessary for your research?
: (if so explain)

We used to do AAA, but as it is much less sensitive than protein 
sequencing, we have retired our 420A-H. It became extremely labour 
intensive to get minimal information. However, it is useful in a core 
facility when you try and explain to a user why you cannot sequence a 
sample which has demonstrable protein!

: 2.  How many samples do you turn in 
per year for AAA?


: 3.  What is a reasonable charge?

Depends how good the data is! Probably $10 a go, so triplicates would be $30

Good luck!

Peter Neame, SHCC, Tampa

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