2D gel databases? Celis,JE of Denmark?

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In Msg # 2284 Brian Foley wrote:
>Dear Protein Researchers:
>	I have recently become aware of a 2D gel electrophoresis database
>that seems to be run by Julio E. Celis of Aarhas University, Denmark.

{stuff deleted}
>	Can anyone provide an e-mail address for JE Celis?  Or tell
>me where his 2D gel database is located and how to access it?

I can't give you an e-mail address for Julio Celis (not sure if he even has
one) but he is at the Danish Centre for Human Genome Research in Aarhus
University, their phone and fax numbers are:

Tel.:	+45 86 13 97 88
Fax :	+45 86 13 11 60

Hope this helps.
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