Chemical Modification kinectics

Steve Lee lees at
Thu Sep 22 10:07:22 EST 1994

i'm currently modifying the reactive site of a serpin with
phenylglyoxal.  and i come up with some very odd modification kinetics
that i have never seen before and i was wonderinf if anyone else has
seen anything like this before..  the graph looks like this...

the y axis is %inhibitory activity on a log scale and the x axis is the
time of the modification reaction.. as the reaction proceeds, the
inhibityory activity of the serpin should decrease..

100  -|*
      | *
      |   *
10   -|
      |       *
      |   	 	*
      |					*
1    ---------------------------------------------
      0		30	    60		90

the graph should be linear on this plot denoteing a pseudo first order
reaction but it's not....

if you have any idea at all as to why it looks like this or if you've
seen reaction kinetics like this before please email me and let me

thanks alot.


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