Amino Acid Analysis

John E. Fox altabios at
Fri Sep 23 10:22:44 EST 1994

In article <lisa-190994122639 at>, lisa at (Lisa Bibbs) says:
>I run a core facility that among other things offers protein sequencing and
>peptide synthesis, but not AAA.  AAA has been available at another
>facility, so we haven't offered it.  It seems as though the demand for that
>service has gone down drastically since inexpensive MS analysis has become
>available.  My questions to all of you are the following:
>1.  As a user of a core, do you feel AAA is necessary for your research?
>(if so explain)
>2.  How many samples do you turn in per year for AAA?
>3.  What is a reasonable charge?
>Thank you

We run AAA along with all the other aspects of our core service. peptides, oligos 
and sequencing, DNA & protein.
Almost all of our AAA work is related to industrial samples, eg foodstuffs and the like.
There is little demand in relation to protein sequencing although it is useful
for peptide synthesis.
We charge £100 (UK pounds) for one sample.

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