411 exam

Dr. Dennis Goode GOODE at ZOOL.UMD.EDU
Mon Sep 26 16:13:52 EST 1994

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> From:     Self <ZOOL/GOODE>
> To:       infantino, rhedreen, lhinant, ph59 at umail, ansari at wam
> Subject:  411 exam
> Date:     Mon, 26 Sep 1994 17:01:29
> I have moved the 411 first exam to Wed Oct 5 to give me another 
> day to finish the first section and to accommodate the almost half of 
> the class that also had a 422 exam on Monday.
> Can you meet at 11 am that day to divide up the questions and grade a 
> few together? I realize that Louise has a lab that day and Rana has 
> an exam, but we should be able to disperse by noon. I'd like all of 
> your help on the grading. 
> Rebecca will help me hand out the exams and I will proctor the exam.
> I have scheduled a make up exam for Monday after lecture for those 
> that miss Wed. Since I'm doing the 211 lecture for Richard that day, 
> I'll need someone to pick up the exams from the students at 12 noon.

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