Tue Sep 27 23:05:16 EST 1994

barani at mace.cc.purdue.edu (NONAME.C) writes on 27 Sep 1994 14:34:06 :
>  I require a deposition form to submit coordinates to the Protein Data Bank 
>  at the Brookehaven National Lab.  Is there any place from which I can ftp 
>  it? I tried contacting an address chris at bnlchm.bitnet (taken from an old 
>  deposition form that is damaged) but the e-mails won't go through. 
>  Any help is appreciated.  
>  Pl send replies to
>  barani at mace.cc.purdue.edu

You have many approaches to procure the information that you're looking for:

	Anonymous ftp:  pdb.pdb.bnl.gov    cd /pub
	Gopher:         gopher.pdb.bnl.gov
	Mosaic:		http://www.pdb.bnl.gov

Look for the files: dep_form.txt and depositing.txt

I've appended the depositing.txt file below:

How to Deposit Guide

A PDB data deposition has three essential components, all of 
which must be received at Brookhaven before we can proceed to 
process a submission. These are:

    1.  Deposition Form. A PDB data deposition form must be completed.
        If you prefer, you may enter the relevant information in your
	computer and e-mail or FTP it to us. The deposition form is
	available via the PDB e-mail server or anonymous FTP. Please
	let us know if you would like us to mail you a printed copy of
	the data deposition form.

    2.	Reprints and Preprints. In order to complete our file on your
        structure, we must have copies of all relevant papers that are
	to be cited in your PDB entry. We realize that this means a
	bit of extra work for you, but it allows us to achieve
	significant time savings in processing your data.

    3.	Data Files. Data files should be in PDB format and may be
        sent via FTP or e-mail, floppy disk, or tape as described in
	the data deposition form. If you FTP the data, instructions
	are provided when you carry out the remote FTP. If you e-mail
	to pdb at bnlchm.bitnet or pdb at chm.chm.bnl.gov, please send each
	file twice, so that we can detect transmission errors, which
	occasionally do occur.

Items to be mailed should be addressed to:

	Protein Data Bank Depositions
	Chemistry Department, Building 555
	Brookhaven National Laboratory
	Upton, NY 11973 USA

Telephone (516)282-3629
FAX	  (516)282-5751
E-mail    pdb at chm.chm.bnl.gov

I hope this helps you.  Best Regards,  Shaun

  = Shaun D. Black, PhD   | Internet address:     shaun at jason.uthct.edu = 
  = Dept. of Biochemistry | University of Texas Health Center, at Tyler = 

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