Volatile buffers for lyophilization

S. Fredricksen sfredric at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu
Tue Sep 27 20:14:55 EST 1994

In note <36adsa$i7v at news.cs.tulane.edu>, jayuziuk at rs6.tcs.tulane.edu (Jeffrey 
Yuziuk) writes: 
>Matt Parker (at332 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA) wrote:
>: 	We are currently using 20 mM ammonium bicarbonate as the
>: last buffer before lyophilization in our protein prep. Does anybody
>: have any suggestions for better buffers? We are having a hard time
>: getting all of the salt to evaporate.
>: 				Thanks!
>: 				Matthew Parker
>: 				Agriculture Canada
>I'm sorry if this is obvious, but how about ammonium hydroxide?
I usually use just 1mM ammonium bicarb.   we have also used 1M acetic acid. . .
although, on a frequent basis, this is not very good for your pump.

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