Crosslinking methods???

Matt Parker at332 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Thu Sep 29 14:48:51 EST 1994

	I think this might have come up in this newsgroup a few
weeks ago, and I'm sorry if I'm being redundant, but:

	Could anybody direct me to a good reference on protein cross-
linking reagents? We have a protein which appears to be a dimer or
trimer at certain comncentratoions. We are doing gel filtration
chromatography, but unfortunately this involves a dilution of the
protein solution during the run (due to diffusion). The concentration range
over which this dilution takes place may be the same range in which
oligomer dissociation takes place (we have other adata which suggests
	We COULD do large-zone gel filtration a la Gary Ackers, but this is
not something we are really equipped for and besides its a whole lot of work.
We are thinking, instead, that maybe we could crosslikn various concentrations
of our protein, and then run them on SDS PAGE. We might even be able to get 
some data on dissociation KINEYTICS this way, too.

	Does anybody know of a good, SHORT crosslinker? We want to minimize
intermolecular reactions and keep it intra.

	By the way...sorry for the typos. Gotta learn how to use this
editor one of these days....

				Matthew Parker
				Agriculture Canada

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