Q2: TCA precipitation

Gary Krause gkrause at cms.cc.wayne.edu
Tue Feb 28 13:50:05 EST 1995

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>From: Dr J P Cook <lsrcp at csv.warwick.ac.uk>
>Subject: Q2: TCA precipitation
>Date: 24 Feb 1995 16:46:27 GMT

>Dear All

>This may have already been asked but I'm new here so...

>Does anyone know what the maximum size a peptide can be 
>before it is precipitated by TCA?


>Jonathan Cook
>lsrcp at csv.warwick.ac.uk

Depends on the percentage of TCA.  Higher percentages precipitate lower 
molecular weights (and everything above that molecular weight).


Gary Krause (gkrause at cms.cc.wayne.edu)
Department of Emergency Medicine
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI USA

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