Peptide synthesis recommendations sought

Ekramoddoullah, Abul Kalam M. aekramoddoul at PFC.Forestry.CA
Mon Feb 27 14:25:22 EST 1995

In article <3i2u1f$4f4 at>, ez001427 at (Marc Goldstein) writes:
>Hi All,
>	I'm looking into using a synthetic peptide as an antigen for the 
>production of an antibody in rabbits.  The protein I'm working on is 
>difficult to purify in sufficient amounts for immunological purposes.
>	My question is this: to get a good immune response, are there any 
>guidelines about optimal lengths of a synthetic peptide, hydrophobic/ 
>hydrophilic nature, etc...
>	Also, I'm asking about which companies can be relied on as a good 
>value in synthesis of the peptide.
>	Thanks for your help.  Responses by email or followup would be 
>Marc Goldstein
>Section of Plant Biology
>UC. Davis
>magoldstein at
Hi Marc! try CHIRON MIMOTOPES PEPTIDE SYSTEMS: 3550 General Atomics Court,
San Diego, CA 92121 USA Tel: 800-338-4965 Fax: 800-654-5592
Over the years I have used their service of synthesizing peptides and also
producing antibodies to the synthetic peptides. I hope this was help.

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