Giovanni Maga maga at vetbio.unizh.ch
Thu Jan 5 18:51:09 EST 1995

From: Giovanni Maga, Biochemistry, University of ZŸrich-Irchel ZH (CH)

Dear Netters,
my main scientific ineterest and work is devoted to enzyme kinetics. In the
last years I have been working with enzymes involved in nucleotide
biosynthesis in viruses, mammals and protozoa. Currently, I am working with
mammalian DNA polymerases. Is anybody out there interested in corresponding
(i.e. discussing problems, giving hints, helping to develope new
approaches) about this fascinating topic? I have lots of questions and
maybe some answers. If so, please E-mail at:

maga at vetbio.unizh.ch

Thanks again and Happy New Year!!

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