Microwaves action on milk given to infants

NICHOLAS THEODORAKIS ntheo at welchlink.welch.jhu.edu
Sat Jan 7 23:37:49 EST 1995

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Stephane Corteel <scorteel at resulb.ulb.ac.be> wrote:
>As a young father (my baby now is 7 weeks old) I read a lot...
>I've read (and some people also told me) that warwing up a feeding
>bottle using a microwave oven is not recommended because the microwaves
>cause molecular changes in some proteins of the milk.
>But, at this time, nobody could confirm that or give me an more
>scientific explanation.
>If someone could provide me a answer that an engineer like me can
>accept, it would be very nice.
>Thank you very much for any information

As a new father of twin girls (now 3 mo. old), I heard a different, and 
more believable reason not to microwave milk or formula (and this reason 
would probably appeal to an engineer).  Microwave ovens often warm things up 
unevenly, and thus might leave "hot spots" in the milk that could could 
burn, even if the outside of the container feels the right temperature

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