Microwaves action on milk given to infants

Marla Brunker brunker at delphi.com
Mon Jan 9 21:01:24 EST 1995

Dr. Robert Bateman <rbateman at wave.st.usm.edu> writes:
>: As a new father of twin girls (now 3 mo. old), I heard a different, and 
>: more believable reason not to microwave milk or formula (and this reason 
>: would probably appeal to an engineer).  Microwave ovens often warm things up 
>: unevenly, and thus might leave "hot spots" in the milk that could could 
>: burn, even if the outside of the container feels the right temperature
	I heard this one myself when my son was still on bottles (he's 7 now),
and thought it was one of the dumber things they tell new mothers...and you
do hear dumb things as a new mother.
	It's a LIQUID, for Pete's sake...if you jostle it at all, the heat
equilibrates throughout the bottle.
	Nuke away.

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