tris-glycine vs tricine

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>Hello, netters,

>Does anyone know what are the advantages/disadvantages of tris-glycine 
>vs. tricine gels for electrophoresis of proteins?


Tricine gels are used to resolve low MW proteins and peptides.
According to something I read from Bio-Rad, the glycine front runs at
a position that could interfer with the running of low MW peptides. I
think that it formed micells or something like that. With the tricine
you don't get this problem. 

For a good protocol look up the low MW standards from Sigma. These
standards are designed to be used with tricine gels and the protocol
comes with them (or you could get it separetly from tech service). I
use this protocol to resolve a peptide with a MW of 2500 and it works
just fine.

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