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> 	Does anybody know, or has anybody heard of using chickens to
> produce primary antibodies against an antigen? Apparently the chicken can
> be injected with the protein of choice, and then the antibodies can be
> isolated from the egg white?? If anyone knows about this method, or has
> used it, would you please comment on it and the efficiency of this technique.
> Thank you.
> 	julie

Dear Julie,
I have used this technique which is efficient and convenient. There are
also commercial sites that can do this for you (at least in sweden and most
likely elsewhere). Immunization is by standard methods (we injected our
protein into the breast muscle as with conventional rabbit protocols and
Freunds adjuvant). The IgG is isolated from egg YOLK. A good reference is
Jensenius et. al. (1981) Journal of Immunological Methods, 46, 63-68.
Good luck,

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