Collagens - esp FACIT

Bob Lauder R.Lauder at
Wed Jan 11 13:23:12 EST 1995


 I'd like to make contact with anybody reading this who works in the 
collagen field.  My main area of interest is connective tissue 
proteoglycans, and I'm hoping to do some work with collagens.  So, I'd
very much like to pose a few questions concerning the FACIT collagens.  

 If anybody has experience of isolating collagen types IX, XII or XIV 
I'd be grateful if you could give me some idea of abundance in various 
tissues.  Also how did you perform the isolation?  Is anybody doing any
work examining the interaction of these FACIT collagens with other 
ECM components?  Finaly, if anybody is willing to give me some antibodies
to type XIV I'd be delighted.  (Unlikley but I thought I'd ask anyway).

Thanks in advance

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