Hill plot

Rick Neubig RNeubig at umich.edu
Thu Jan 12 13:14:30 EST 1995

maga at vetbio.unizh.ch (Giovanni Maga) wrote:

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> Can you use Hill plot as a test
> for real cooperativity? Or it will give you a h coeff. different from 1
> even in those cases in which the non-linearity has nothing to do with
> cooperativity (for example if your enzyme has alternative pathways for
> binding two molecules of substrate with no irreversible steps in between)?
> And if so, how can I convincingly prove (or disprove) cooperativity?

You are absolutely right that a sigmoidal plot will give a Hill slope
greater than 1 whether you have positive cooperativity or some other
mechanism or artifact causing the sigmoid nature. A bit more information
about the experimental design might help.

Rick Neubig 

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