Protein Groups

Edwin Wright ewright at FOX.NSTN.NS.CA
Sat Jan 14 20:44:08 EST 1995

A recent (1992) paper by Istvan Ladunga categorises proteins into 12
major natural groups:

                group V, a subset of viral proteins
                group E, a subset of E. coli proteins
                group H, a subset of hormones
                group I, a subset of inhibitors
                group P, certain plant proteins
                group R, a subset of ribosomal proteins
                group S, a subset of serum proteins
                group A, one of the several subsets of apolar proteins
                group T, a subset of structural proteins
                group M, some amino-acyl synthesases
                group D, containing mostly DNA-associated enzymes
                group X, dominated by certain oxidoreductases

Does anyone know of a comprehensive breakdown of these groups in the
literature or of a database structured in such a (functional) manner?

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