Digital chromatograms: parts list?

John Marcus J.Marcus at
Sun Jan 15 18:17:06 EST 1995

In article <3eit1e$o29 at>, Bassuk at U.Washington.Edu (Jim Bassuk) says:
>In standard chromatography of proteins, we monitor the absorbance of the column eluate with a
>Pharmacia UV-1 flow cell coupled to a chart recorder.  This analog signal from the UV-1 is 10 mV.
>To design a system to convert the signal to a digital format, I'll need a A/D converter, some sort
>of board for a yet-to-be purchased 486 PC, and some sort of software to acquire, process, and store
>the data.
>We'll likely couple two UV-1 units in tandem (214 and 280 nm).....this is 2 channels.....and then
>a simple closure switch to indicate the advancement of the fraction collector....this is another channel...
>a total of 3 channels.....
>No need to buy a big, expensive HPLC software program, because I won't be controlling any pumps, 
>Comments on boards, A/D units, and software sources and experiences are respectfully requested.
>Thanks in advance,
>Jim Bassuk
>Univ Washington

Dear Jim,
     By the time you purchase two UV-1 detectors you will probably
have spent more than it would cost to buy a very good dual channel
continuously variable detector.  There are many dual wavelength 
detectors on the market such as Gilson, Waters, Isco.  You might even
want to consider a diode array detector which won't be that much more
than the dual wavelength. Sorry I cant help with the data aquisition
Best Regards.

John Marcus

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