michelle williamson WILLIAMSOM at
Mon Jan 16 16:53:52 EST 1995

In our lab, we are running native PAGE and looking for genetic diversity 
with isozyme differences using the enzymes PGI and SDH in particular.
We are using a Biorad 3000 power pak and the Biorad Protean II electro-
phoresis cell. For some really strange reason one gel will come out fine 
and one will go all smeary with SDH (including standards from the same 
extraction, run on both gels) but both will run well and clear for PGI. 
WHY WHY WHY WHY???????????  
Extraction of samples is done at random with a single stock of ex. buffer. 
The two gels are poured out of the same batch of acrylmide mix etc. 
1. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
2. Does anyone know anyone who might know what I'm talking about?
3. Can anyone help?
I'm pretty sure I've tried everything. 
Reply here or Email  williamsom at
Thank you

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