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In article <64870.ewright at>, ewright at FOX.NSTN.NS.CA ("Edwin Wright") writes:
>Is access to the subject network free of charge?  What does one use for
>"username" and "login"?

The WWW is run on the client/server principle. People who want to publish
information set up servers and people who want to browse for information
use some client software like mosaic, netscape, or lynx that allows them
connect to servers and look at the information. This requires that you
are on the internet and install client software on the particular hardware
that you have which then allows roam about the internet. As such there
is no need to have a "username" or to "login"

On the subject of costs someone has to pay, be it you institute, collage
or University.

However if you don't have a client but would like to "test" the wonders of
internet, and you do have the possibility to make telnet connections then
give the following command.


What you will get is the following text based interface to many of 
the services on theinternet.

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        Finnish University and Research Network FUNET

                     Information Service

The following information services are available:

gopher       Menu-based global information tool
www          World Wide Web, Global hypertext web
wais         Wide Area Information Server, global databases on
             on different topics
x500         X.500 clients are on, login: dua, no password
archie       Database of Internet Archive contents
exit         Exit FUNET information services

  ** Due to misuses, all emailing from "info", "www", "wais", ... **
  ** accounts is disabled.  Such email goes always to /dev/null   **

Select service (gopher/www/wais/archie/exit) ?
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