SDS-PAGE problem

Tue Jan 17 18:20:00 EST 1995

R.K. McEwen asked about the origin of an artifactual band running at about
50-60 kDa on SDS-PAGE.  We've seen that too from time to time, and the 
answer for us was to make up a new stock of sample diluting buffer (glycerol,
tracking dye, SDS, tris).  In our case, we had some minor fungal growth
in the stock of the sample diluting buffer, and some product of the fungi
ran diffusely at about 50-60 kDa, all the way across the gel.  I'm not
sure that this is necessarily your problem, but it does mimic the one we
saw a while back.  I hope this helps a bit.  Best regards,  Shaun

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  = Dept. of Biochemistry | University of Texas Health Center, at Tyler = 

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