SDS-PAGE problem

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Tue Jan 17 19:30:16 EST 1995

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ANON <r.k.mcewen at> wrote:
>Recently I`ve been observing an artefactual band on my SDS-PAGE gels 
>regardless of whether there is any samples on it. This band typically runs 
>between 50 and 60 kDa right across the gel, through all the sample lanes and 
>varys in intensity from one to another.

i'd say it's keratins.  they'll get you every time and usually result 
from dust contamination.

the best way to get rid of this sort of thing is to scrub your plates 
well and, if necessary, blow off any dust using a can of Dust Off(tm) or 
some such thing.

-patrick finerty
biochem grad student, u of utah, slc

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