Looking for COMPILED version of RasMol or similar

Martti Tolvanen tolvanen at cc.Helsinki.FI
Thu Jan 19 01:08:35 EST 1995

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>	Hello! I am trying to acquire a program for viewing Protein
>Data Bank files on a PC. Somebody was kind enough to tell me about
>RasMol, and tell me how to get it.
>	However, as the README file that goes with it indicates, this 
>program will not run until it has been compiled, using C or something
>similar. You can't just uncompress it and go, you HAVE to compile it
>	Since I don't have access to the compiling software, can anybody
>suggest a source for the COMPILED version of this program?

Here's a snip from the announcement:
    The source code is public domain and freely distributable provided that
the original author is suitably acknowledged. The complete source code and
user documentation may be obtained by anonymous FTP from ftp.dcs.ed.ac.uk
[] in the directory /pub/rasmol. The source code, documentation
and Microsoft Windows executables are stored in several files appropriate
for the receiving operating system. Please read the "README" file in the
distribution directory. UNIX and VAX systems should retreive either
RasMol2.tar.Z, RasMol2.tar.gz. Apple Mac users should retrieve 
Microsoft Windows users should retrieve raswin.zip and optionally the Visual
Basic package rasmenu.zip. All these files include source code, on-line help,
user manual and reference card. RasMac.sit.hqx, RasWin.zip and RasMenu.zip
also contain executables for the required platform. Please remember to use
"binary" mode when transferring these files between systems. Check that the
file size is the same before and after transfer.
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