Looking for COMPILED version of RasMol or similar

Phoebe Rice phoebe at vger.niddk.nih.gov
Wed Jan 18 17:18:48 EST 1995

I just read your bionet.software post.  You are indeed looking in the
place, but your problem is that the README is not the clearest reading.
just ftp'ed the Mac version yesterday, and it did include a compiled
(this is what the README means by a "binary" or an "executable").  The
directions for compiling are included (I presume) only in case you want
to mess with the code yourself or if you have an oddball computer. 
They are
compressed, so you do need to uncompress (or unzip, or unstuff, or
depending on your computer) them.  
It looks like a very nice program for gazing at structures from your

Phoebe Rice
Phoebe at vger.niddk.nih.gov

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