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Harry Karatassos karatassos+ at CMU.EDU
Thu Jan 19 10:35:35 EST 1995

                    Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center           
                           June 25-28, 1995

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) is offering biomedical researchers a
Structure Determination Using NMR Workshop.  
The objective is to introduce 
participants to the different techniques for the elucidation of solution
structures of biological macromolecules from nuclear magnetic resonance data.

The worskhop will consist of lectures and extensive hands-on sessions.
The programs AMBER, Mardigras and MidasPlus will be discussed.  Hands-on 
sessions will be emphasized. Participants will be able to work on the examples 
provided or on their own experimental data. No prior supercomputing experience 
is necessary.  

Workshop leaders are: Dr. David Case, The Scripps Research Institute; 
Dr. Thomas James, University of California, San Francisco;  Dr. Julie Newdoll,
Computer Graphis Laboratory, University of California, San Francisco; and
Dr. Uli Schmitz, University of California, San Francisco.

This workshop is funded by a grant from the Biomedical Research Technology
Program, National Center for Research Resources, National Institutes of 
Health.  Travel, meals and hotel accommodations for researchers affilated 
with U.S. academic institutions are supported by this grant. Enrollment is 
limited to 20.  An application form is included.  Deadline for applications 
is: April 28, 1995.

                             * * * * * * * * * *


				June 25-28, 1995



Telephone:  ____________________              ______________________ 
                (Business)                            (Home) 
*Social Security Number:  _______-_____-_______    Citizenship: ____________

Electronic Mail Address:____________________________________________________ 

Status: ___Graduate  ___Post-doctoral Fellow  ___Faculty  ___Other (specify) 
Please indicate specifically any special housing, transportation or dietary 
arrangements you will need:  _______________________________________________
How did you learn about this workshop? _____________________________________


Applicants must submit a completed application form and a cover letter. The 
letter should describe, in one or two paragraphs, your current research and  
how participating in the workshop will enhance this research.  Please 
include a brief statement describing your level of experience with computers. 
Faculty members, staff and post-docs should provide a curriculum vita. 
Graduate students must have a letter of recommendation from a faculty member.  
Please return all application materials by APRIL 28, 1995 to:

          Biomedical Workshop Applications Committee 
          Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center 
          4400 Fifth Avenue, Suite 230C 
          Pittsburgh, PA 15213 
Direct inquiries to: Nancy Blankenstein, blankens at or 412/268-4960.

*Disclosure of Social Security Number is voluntary.

PSC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, 
creed, national or ethnic origin, or handicap. 

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