RasWin/RasMol Stereo viewing

MARCUS, DR J. J.Marcus at botany.uq.oz.au
Thu Jan 19 19:00:14 EST 1995

Seeing that a number of people are using RasWin/RasMol I 
thought that some of you may be interested in viewing the 
graphics in stereo.  I have only used the program on 
Windows so I don't know if it would work with other 
computer formats.  I must admit, it is not the most 
friendly way to view in stereo but in a pinch it can be 
     The way I do it is to open the progran two times so 
that two different versions are running at the same time.  
With the two programs running you can then open the same 
graphic file; so, initially, you will have two windows open 
showing exactly the same structure.  You will need to 
adjust the size of the windows so that each of the windows 
is the same size. The idea is to make one image for each of 
your eyes to look at. Before you start changing the viewing 
angle for each of the structures, you should be able to 
overlap the two images so that they become one.  If this is 
difficult, try downsizing the windows some more and moving 
them closer together.  Once you can overlap the images and 
turn them into one you are ready to start changing the 
viewing angle of the images.  Since, to see in stereo, one 
of your eyes views the image from a slightly different 
angle than the other, one of the images must be rotates 
slightly with respect to the other image.  Depending on 
whether you cross your eyes to overlap the images or make 
each eye look straight ahead at each of the images you will 
need to rotate the left hand image so the front of it moves 
to the right or to the left respectively.  You can
rotate the image easily using the mouse on the scroll 
bar button below the graphic window or you can use the 
command window to precisely rotate the image to the right 
or to the left the number of degrees you want.  
     These images can also be printed, placed next to 
eachother, and then viewed with the common stereo glasses 
available with some text books.  
     Happy viewing.  
John Marcus

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