Candida albicans proteins extraction

Martin Blankfard Mblank at
Fri Jan 20 18:18:28 EST 1995

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Rodriguez <iparoroj at> wrote:
>I work with Candida albicans proteins and I want to know a fast and
>easy method to extract and concentrate proteins of Candida

One method that is fairly quick and easy to do... Wash cell pellet in .01M PBS (NO TWEEN)
, pH 7.2, several times to remove and as much culture material as possible.  Extract cell pellet in either
1M EDTA (with or without 1% SDS).  The exstraction can be done with either sonication or other
cell disruption devices (ie. Pollytron).  Spin out cell debris pell at high speed using and Ultra fuge.  You
will find most of your proteins of interest in the Supe.

best of luck!!

Martin Blankfard
Mblank at

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