HPLC(FPLC systems)

Gary Kuleck gkuleck at lmumail.lmu.edu
Mon Jan 23 01:41:14 EST 1995

Hi folks,
	I am looking to purchase an HPLC(FPLC system) in the very near
future for enzyme purification.  Although my budget is not unlimited,
I would like to have a system with the capacity to do other types of
simply by switching columns.  Therefore, I am leaning toward a system
with stainless steel fittings,etc.  Anyway, I would like to get some
from those of you who routinely do protein purification from crude
about which system(s) you might recommend (especially suppliers,etc.) and
which you would avoid.  Any comments or advice is welcome.

Gary Kuleck
Asst. Prof.
Dept. of Biol.
Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Ph#: 310-338-7496
email: gkuleck at lmumail.lmu.edu

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