Help! Blocked N-terminus..

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Mon Jan 23 14:37:43 EST 1995

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> I have a problem on sequencing a purified protein. MW of the protein is 
> about 10kd and has thrombin inhibiting activity. While sequencing the protein,
> unusual amino acid peak appeared in first cycle and then no peak
appeared there
> -after. I used TFA method to deblock the protein. After deblocking, same
> unknown peak was detected in first cycle and then many of peaks were detected.
> The protein was blotted to PVDF membrane and sequenced by automated sequencer.
> Is there a good method to deblock N-terminus without fragmentation?
> Please Help! 

Did you ever try the digestion by pyroglutamate aminopeptidase?
Dr.Ding Ming
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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