cyclosporin A

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In article <9501172332.AA00781 at>, npv at MANI.CBS.UMN.EDU (Nora Plesofsky-Vig) writes:
>I am interested in obtaining cyclosporin A and, if possible,  
>ornithine-derivatized cyclosporin A (to make an affinity column).  
>Their purpose is to isolate cyclophilins and associated proteins from  
>cells. I am not aware of commercial sources of cyclosporin A or its  
>derivative. If you know where these are available for purchase, or if  
>you would be willing to provide small amounts of these, I would be  
>very grateful.
>Nora Plesofsky-Vig
>nora at
 Try Sandoz Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer od cyclosporin A. Sorry I do not
know their address in you area. Try Sandoz, Hanover at 201-503-7500. Good Luck.

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