HELP!!! Protein Graphics!!

Gerard Kleijwegt gerard at
Tue Jan 24 14:13:29 EST 1995

In article <3g18fo$no3 at>, fisher at (Robert Fisher) writes:
|> HELP!!!!  I need to find a program that will generate PDB code if
|> given a protein sequence.  Alternatively, one that will give any-
|> kind of graphics based just on AA sequence.  Just as long as it'll
|> run on a Sun4, SGI, or MIPS.  
|> Anyone know of anything useful?
|> Thanks lots,
|> Robert Fisher

Forget it (unless your protein is more than ~80 %
homologous to a protein whose structure has been
solved, and even then you're bound to get the bits
that differ wrong).
Talk to a crystallographer or NMR spectroscopist


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