Fast programs for teh ABI 477 sequencer

Peter J. Neame pneame at
Tue Jan 24 09:17:23 EST 1995

Bo Servenius (bo.servenius at wrote:
: Dear Netters!

: I think I have seen som dokumentations describing "fast-cycles" for the
: ABI 477 protein sequencer. They should increase the productivity nearly
: 50% if I remember correctly. Does anyone of you have any refs or
: experience
: of these fast-cycles??

: yours


We've been using FAST cycles for ages; they basically involve slightly 
higher reaction temps and require variation of the reaction cartridge 
temp during a cycle. The gradient on the 120 is also run at a higher flow 
rate. The protocols are in the back of the manual.

I think there is a super-fast cycle which uses the new small volume 
cartridge; this requires some plumbing changes, I believe. I don't know 
what the status of these is. 

Peter Neame
Biochem. and Mol. Biol.
University of S. Florida.

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