Fast programs for teh ABI 477 sequencer

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> Dear Netters!
> I think I have seen som dokumentations describing "fast-cycles" for the
> ABI 477 protein sequencer. They should increase the productivity nearly
> 50% if I remember correctly. Does anyone of you have any refs or
> experience
> of these fast-cycles??
> yours
Dear Bosse,

We're currently using these fast-cycle sin our system. You need a
micro-cartridge similar as used in the more recent ABI sequencers. They're
available from ABI, but they're quite expensive (as all ABI products). I
think you can get an application note from them as well. Cycling times are
now indeed only 25 minutes. The performance (repetitive yield) of the
instrument is equal or better than with the long cycling times.



Bart Devreese
University of Ghent
Protein Structure analysis Group
Department of Biochemistry, Physiology and Microbiology
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