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> Dear Netters,
> In filtering conditioned media with .45 micron filters, should one use nitrocellulose filters pre-treated with BSA or a special low-protein binding filter? Is one better than the other?
> Do you have any suggestion as to where (from which vendor) I can get low-binding filters?
> Thank you very much for any info regarding this matter.
> Best Regards,
> Rob Chen

I can't answer your specifics as to whether to use a BSA-treated filter or
not, though I would lean against it - why add anything if you don't have
to.  If I was going to use anything, I guess I'd use 'non'conditioned'
media, the media
you grow your cells in.
But the big filter companies are:
				Nalgene (smaller than the above (in filtering) IMHO, but offer lots

I can find addresses if need be, but Millepore and Gelman and Nalgene will
definately be in a Fisher or VWR catalog or similar big distributor. 
Amicon may be in there, or they may only be direct sales (I can't
remember).  In any event, any of those companies should have something to
fit your needs.  You can always  call tech services.  I would think you
could use the same type of filter you use to sterilize your media before
you use it (if you buy your media pre-made, ask
the company/facility what they use), those should be low-protein binding so
you don't lose any components from FCS or other added serums.

So all of the above are good, reputable companies and have filters ranging
microliter spin filters to liter bottle filters (not all companies will
have this range, but between all these guys there is that range)

Not affliated with any of the above companies, usual disclaimer applies.

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