SDS-PAGE problem

Martin Blankfard Mblank at
Wed Jan 25 23:10:11 EST 1995

James.Fethiere at BRI.NRC.CA (James Fethiere) wrote:
>Well, I had the same problem, and tried not to touch the gel as suggested
>but that band at ~ 60k was still there in my sample lanes
>as well as in the lanes containing only sample buffer.  I am wondering
>if such an artefact could be caused by an old sample buffer.  I typically
>keep my sample buffer containing B-ME for 2 months and beyond, concentrated
>Thanks in advance for your replies.5-fold.

You may want to try some of the pre made gels from NOVEX.  Just to make sure its not a problem with the gel!

Martin Blankfard

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