HELP!!! Protein Graphics!!

Stephen Firth U5267543 at
Thu Jan 26 21:04:17 EST 1995

gerard at (Gerard Kleijwegt) wrote:
> In article <3g18fo$no3 at>, fisher at (Robert Fisher) writes:
> |> HELP!!!!  I need to find a program that will generate PDB code if
> |> given a protein sequence.  Alternatively, one that will give any-
> |> kind of graphics based just on AA sequence.  Just as long as it'll
> |> run on a Sun4, SGI, or MIPS.  
> |> 
> |> Anyone know of anything useful?
> |> 
> |> Thanks lots,
> |> Robert Fisher

Everybody seems to be looking for such a program. The only
freeware program I've found that takes AA sequence input is
"FoldIt (lite)" from Jean-Claude Jesior. This program will not 
predict folds but you can manipulate the structure and write
PDB file types from the input structure. 
I think I found FoldIt at NIH image, if you cannot find it 
mail me and I'll send it to you.

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