preserving biological acitvity

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Sun Jan 29 18:19:51 EST 1995

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>I am new to isolating proteins and note that while many LP and HPLC procedures exist, there are few suggestions as to how to best maintain biological acti
>Is there the voice of experience?? Are there suggestions??
>An email note would be great.  Thanks.  

Reverse phase is very harsh treatment for proteins if you 
want to preserve activity.  You may just want to try it and see 
how much activity you recover after passing your sample 
through a reverse phase column.  
     Another thing to try is Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
(HIC) which is apparently much more friendly to proteins with
biological activity.  You load your sample in high salt conditions
and elute with low salt.  Lots of columns to choose from.  You might
consider a kit to test the various types.
     I hope that is helpful.  
John Marcus

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