Q Ni-NTA resin

Jan Svensson Jan.Svensson at mikrob.slu.se
Mon Jul 3 09:37:56 EST 1995

I have a question about the Ni-NTA resin (qiagen/diagen).
In The QIAexpressionist (booklet fronm qiagen 2 ed 1992) they state that about 
the Ni-NTA resin "re-use of the Ni-NTA resin..should only be performed with 
identical recombinant proteins..maximum of 3-5 runs per column"
In the booklet there is a regenaration procedure described containing 17 steps.
Isn't it possible to use the column for more than one protein as long the 
column is intact?
Can't the regeneration be done in an easier way (less than 17 steps), just 
strip it with EDTA and recharge the column with NiSo4 ?

Any ideas or other personal experience considering this purification system are
welcome. I would prefer direct e.mail. If i get any answers i can submit em 
back to the group in a single posting.

jan.svensson at mikrob.slu.se

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