Recommend a lipid stain?

Robert D. Hoffman rdh5 at po.CWRU.Edu
Wed Jul 5 10:58:09 EST 1995

In a previous article, hoekstra at (Sucking Gippy) says:

>Ok. So its not a protein question...but somewhat related.
>Has anyone ever used osmium tetroxide to stain for lipids? If so, have 
>the results been good? And if not, can someone recommend a good stain for 
>lipids in paraffin sections which you have had good success with?
Whoa there, Ken! You are about to shoot yourself in the foot! More or less
by definition, there are no lipids left in paraffin sections because they
have been processed through graded alcohols and xylene before paraffin
impregnation. Real cowboys do their lipid stains on air-dried frozen
sections. Sudan Black and Oil Red O are personal faves. Good luck!
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