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Dear Colleague
              About 150 French scientists have signed a petition similar to
the following in the last few days. We are now sending out this version to
our colleagues all over the world. The undersigned will be pleased to record
your reaction. Thank you.


   We are scientists and citizens. We wish to state our firm opposition to the
lifting of the nuclear test ban, by the French government or any other.

   Several countries already have large nuclear arsenals, and we all know that
the number of existing warheads is large enough to destroy the Earth several
times over. The problem today is not to maintain or improve them, but get rid
of them. today, we live in a different world from that in which the arms race
led to the nuclear stalemate. The world we now live absolutely requires that
all of mankind face the need to put an end - a final end - to the pileup of
massively destructive arms. This is now politically and economically necessary,
and indeed nuclear stockpiles are being progressively reduced all over the
world in spite of many difficulties and hesitations. It is technically possible
to enhance the rate at which these arms are dismantled. The timely goal should
now be their total elimination.

  The decision of President Chirac to resume atomic weapons tests in 1995 and
1996 is thus dramatically retrograde. We are concerned that the present "limit-
ed" weapons test program envisaged by several nuclear powers and whose implem-
entation has just been decided by France could well be aimed at adjusting some
parameters in simulations that are preparing new weapons. The pressure of nuc-
lear arms lobbies is mounting in many countries, and many experts have confirm-
ed that - with simulations - 4 to 10 tests are enough to design a new weapon.
Is France, are other governments, going to turn History's wheel backward by re-
suming the arms race ? Mankind deserves a better future.

   We are aware that the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the const-
ant development of new "high-tech" weapons, have done much to spoil the image
of scientific progress. A new weapons race not only carries the dangers of phy-
sical destruction. Even if no bomb goes off, the fear generated by eapons tech-
nology can affect mankind's will to understand our world and to use science as
a tool to solve it's huge problems in food production, health and education, to
find new ways to protect and develop soils, renew energy resources and reduce
pollution. And, of course, the money that goes into sterile bombs is money that
does not help to solve any of these problems - just makes them worse.

   For these reasons, we publicly request that the nuclear test moratorium be


      For information and to join this appeal, contact P. Jaegle or A. Sureau,
Laboratoire de Spectroscopie Atomique et Ionique, Universite Paris-Sud, 91405-
Orsay, France, EMAIL = pierre.jaegle at  OR H. Bernas, CSNSM, 91405
Orsay, France, EMAIL = bernas at

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